Laura Lobrano

at Immobiliare Murphy

Property Types

  • 23% Two bedroom apartment
  • 16% One bedroom apartment
  • 9% Terraced house
  • 51% Other

Property Status

  • 100% Holiday Homes
  • 1% Guest House
  • -1% Other

Property Cities

  • 100% La Maddalena

About Laura Lobrano

For several years I have dedicated myself to activities related to the service sector and commerce. I think I have a strong attitude towards hospitality and a high propensity to manage the unexpected. The holiday of my clients must be special, without problems, but above all unforgettable.

Anyone who knows me speaks of me as an affable, outgoing person, full of positive energy. My managerial attitude leads me to be highly appreciated especially for my ability to achieve the goal.

I love my job. For me, giving hospitality means transmitting a feeling of comfort and security to those around me. In this regard, I can gladly assert how much my customers have always remained fond of me and my commitment to them over the years.

The opening of this agency is therefore not an initiative related to improvisation, but rather a project that comes from far away and is the result of years of experience and years of hard work in hotel structures of all kinds, acquiring a range of skills in the most varied areas of the sector.

This step is for me only the beginning of a path that I will develop and perfect to the maximum of my potential.

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